How Can You Remove the Rear Seat in a Minivan?


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The method used to remove the rear seat in a minivan varies depending on the van's manufacturer. For instance, removing the third seat from a Nissan Quest requires unbolting the four bolts that hold the seat to the floorboard and lifting the seat out.

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Different auto manufacturers use various methods to install their rear minivan seats, which means consumers have to use different methods to remove them. Remove the rear seat in a Nissan Quest by following the method listed below.

  1. Gather the necessary tools
  2. To remove the rear seat in a Nissan Quest, gather a ratchet, socket set and Phillips screwdriver.

  3. Open the passenger doors
  4. Open the passenger doors all the way to gain access to the seats. Open the back hatch.

  5. Unbolt the bolts
  6. Using the ratchet and socket set, unbolt the four bolts holding the seat to the floor. Use the screwdriver to remove the plastic bolt covers, if necessary.

  7. Remove the seat
  8. Slide the seat out through the back hatch.

Removing the third seat from a Honda Odyssey is a little easier and does not require any tools.

  1. Unlatch the seat belt anchor
  2. Unlatch the seat belt anchor in the center of the rear seat. Allow the seat belt to retract to the ceiling.

  3. Put the latch plate away
  4. Place the latch plate in the slot provided on the floor of the vehicle.

  5. Lower the head restraints
  6. Lower the head restraints and move the outer seat belts out of the way.

  7. Pull the seat-back handles
  8. Pull the seat-back handles to unlock the seat's front legs.

  9. Stow the seat
  10. Place the seat in the floor recess beneath it.

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