How Can I Remove Gum From Car Paint?

Remove chewing gum without harming the finish of an automobile by chilling it so it turns hard and then peeling it away. Other alternatives include using a solvent designed to dissolve the sticky gum without damaging the paint.

Warm chewing gum is more difficult to remove than dried gum. If attempting to remove gum on a hot day, it helps to park the vehicle so that the affected area is in the shade. Cleaning the area around the gum removes dirt or other particles that could cause damage. Spraying the gum with canned air, designed to blow away dust from a computer, causes it to freeze. If canned air is not available, chilling the gum with several ice cubes is another option. Once the gum hardens, it should peel away from the paint.

Commercially available bug remover or gum remover provide other options. These materials work by dissolving the materials that cause the gum to stick. Spray the gum with the solvent and rub it gently into the gum in a circular motion, continuing until the gum dissolves.

Once the gum is gone, the car owner should wash the area using soap and water and rinse with clear water. The solvents tend to dissolve the wax on the vehicle, so owners need to wax and buff the area after use.