Where Can Removable Taxi Cab Roof Lights Be Found Online?

TaxiDepot.com, AndysTopLites.com, TaxiCabElectronics.com and eBay.com all have removable taxi cab roof lights available. Sizes, styles, pricing and customization options vary by company. Most of the removable models come with varying styles of magnetic mounts and a 12-volt cord that plugs into a cigarette lighter or utility outlet. Some of the stores have additional taxi cab equipment, including meters, partitions, stickers and decals and receipt printers.

The Taxi Depot has a large selection of removable roof lights that can be customized with lettering, graphics and lighting color. The company also offers standard and customized partitions to fit a variety of vehicles. It has several options for meters and also sells the consumable paper rolls to fit them, as well as stickers and decals.

Taxi Cab Electronics has removable roof lights as well as a wide selection of other electronic taxi cab equipment, including mobile data terminals, two-way radio systems, meters, wireless credit card processors and complete kits that include all the devices necessary for starting a taxi cab service.

Andy's offers many similar products as the other retailers and a wide range of corporate signage for adding advertising revenue to the taxi business. EBay has an extensive selection of prefabricated lights in a variety of colors and design styles, but customization is usually not available.