How Can You Find a Reliable Inexpensive Towing Service?


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To find an affordable and reliable towing service, try comparison shopping by asking several companies for quotes. Check each company's reviews and ratings with the Better Business Bureau and other consumer rating sites.

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If you have a friend or family member who recently had to have a vehicle towed, ask him or her about the experience. Try contacting your car insurance company for recommendations, too. Make sure any company you choose is located fairly nearby, because companies that have to dispatch trucks from farther away may charge more money. Ask about payment options upfront, since some towing companies only take cash or checks.

When you call the company, pay attention to how the person you speak to treats you. Is she polite and professional? Is she transparent about costs? You do need to provide accurate information, including the make and model of your car and its exact location, to get an accurate quote. The company should also be willing to provide a reasonable estimate of how long the driver may take to arrive.

Asking about membership in trade organizations and auto clubs may help give you insight into the company's quality. Maintaining a current relationship with these groups can indicate that it is professional and reasonable. It is also a good sign if they provide other related services, such as vehicle storage.

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