How Can You Find a Reliable Ford F-150 Lightning for Sale?


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Find a reliable Ford F-150 Lightning for sale by limiting searches to dealers with positive reviews from past customers or to dealers that offer quality and money-back guarantees, such as CarFax. A buyer can also purchase from a private seller on a site that offers seller ratings, such as eBay.

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CarGurus allows users to search for dealers with active listings for specific makes and models of cars and view customer reviews of that dealer. Each vehicle listing on the site contains a section that is dedicated to user reviews, which consist of a one- to five-star satisfaction rating and a written account of the customer's experience with the dealer. A buyer can conduct a search on the site and include a minimum dealer rating to ensure that she only sees listings from reliable dealers.

Ford F-150 Lightning trucks listed on CarFax must undergo a rigorous quality inspection to ensure that each vehicle is free of mechanical problems. Users purchasing a truck through a listing on CarFax also have access to a five-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day limited warranty, as of April 2015. This allows the purchaser to expect a higher quality truck and return any vehicle that has issues.

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