How Can You Reinstate a Revoked Driver's License?


A revoked license cannot be reinstated, because it is completely cancelled. To reapply after a driver’s license revocation, you have to complete the state’s licensing process, which usually includes a written exam and a road test. Submit sufficient proof of completion of alcohol or drug treatment if required.

A license revocation doesn’t end automatically after a certain period, unlike a license suspension that is in effect for a fixed period and ends after payment of the termination fee. If you have a revoked driver’s license, reapply to the Department of Motor Vehicles, pay the reapplication fee and show proof of compliance with all necessary requirements.

In New York, the DMV usually reviews an individual’s driving records before issuing a new license. The DMV may deny the application of anyone who has accumulated numerous negative units due to moving violations or has been convicted repeatedly due to alcohol- or drug-related offenses. However, the DMV may terminate a license revocation or suspension if a person completes the Drinking Driver Program.

Common conducts that cause a license revocation include conviction of multiple DUIs and accumulation of a particular number of violations. Repeatedly driving under alcohol or drug influence, refusing to respond to a traffic summons, participating in drag racing or practicing reckless driving are several driving-related reasons for revocation.