Where Can You Recycle Used Everstart Batteries?


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Many retailers that sell batteries, such as BatteriesPlus or AutoZone, will recycle lead-acid batteries. These services are often offered for free, or in exchange for buying a new battery. Cities may also provide drop off locations for hazardous materials or recycling services that can handle automotive batteries.

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Locations such as scrap yards can also process batteries, but try contacting local yards to make sure they handle lead-acid batteries. Some scrap locations will only handle certain types of batteries, or will only pay to process bulk battery deliveries. An application called iScrap App provides information on local locations that will accept these batteries.

The automotive organization AAA provides events known as the Great Battery Roundup, which can provide additional recycling opportunities. To get precise locations for the recycling events, contacting the nearest AAA club online can provide information on when and where these collections will take place. Historically, the collection date has been held on Earth Day, April 22.

Lead-acid based batteries are one of the most recycled materials in the US, with more than 97 percent of the lead inside being recycled over the course of the product's lifetime. Newly purchased batteries often contain between 60 and 80 percent recycled material.

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