Where Can You Find Rebuilt Transmission Prices?


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Rebuilt transmission prices are found on Transmission Repair Cost Guide, Certified Transmission and Transmission 4 Less. These sites offer estimates and averages for the cost of a rebuilt transmission system, as well as parts and labor costs of rebuilding one, which vary significantly by make and model.

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Transmission Repair Cost Guide suggests that rebuilding, repairing or replacing an automobile transmission can range in price from $1,000 to $3,500. Simple repair jobs, as well as manual transmissions, are generally cheaper to repair, representing the lower end of the scale. High-cost transmission repair or replacement occurs on more expensive vehicles or when major mechanical failure requires a complete rebuild.

Transmissions 4 Less, a premium transmission repair shop in Chicago, offers a transmission rebuild with installation for most types of cars for approximately $700 as of 2015. This price represents a significant discount, as the repair shop typically charges $900 or more for similar service, depending on the make and model of vehicle.

Certified Transmission sells remanufactured systems for a wide selection of domestic and imported vehicles. Prices vary significantly depending on the make and model. The company operates 13 retail locations throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, as well as two plants in Omaha, Nebraska and Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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