Where Can You Read Car Battery Reviews?


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Consumer review websites such as ConsumerReports.com, CarsDirect.com and ConsumerSearch.com all offer recommendations about car batteries as well as many other items. While CarsDirect.com focuses on automotive parts and vehicles, ConsumerReports.com and ConsumerSearch.com offer reviews, buying guides and detailed reports about a wide variety of products and services.

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In some cases, consulting a website requires a subscription to get the full review. While websites like ConsumerSearch.com offer their full perspective on products for free, ConsumerReports.com charges a subscription fee to view the whole review, leaving a brief summary of facts and links to user reviews for those who do not sign up. This combination is common for publications that have both print and online components, as Consumer Reports does.

The most important issues with regard to car batteries include life, warranty and durability under harsh conditions. Websites like ConsumerSearch.com perform their own tests on the products that they describe, so that the reader knows that the review is not simply based on anecdotes. Sites often test how a car battery responds to extreme cold, having an accessory such as an interior light left on all night and other extreme circumstances.

Warranties often differ significantly for batteries. Most companies prorate their warranties, which means that the discount off the next battery decreases the longer the consumer uses the existing battery. A three-year/100-month warranty is one of the longer available on the market as of 2015.

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