Where Can You Get a Quality Engine Flywheel?

Where Can You Get a Quality Engine Flywheel?

Automotive performance stores sell high quality flywheels. Performance shops specialize in selling billet steel or billet aluminum flywheels re produced to out perform their stock counterparts.

A reliable flywheel construction depends on the quality of steel used. Stock flywheels are generally made from cast iron. Although strong, iron is heavy and cannot take any additional stress or power added to the engine.

Steel is a better material to use for flywheel construction. It is generally available in chromoly or billet. Chromoly steel is a mixture containing additional alloys and is stronger and lighter than billet.

Aluminum is the best option for a flywheel. Billet aluminum is much lighter than the other options and offers more strength and durability. Its thermal disposition allows aluminum to transfer heat quickly, which allows it to last longer.

All these types of flywheels can be purchased from local or online performance shops.