Can you put a Dodge engine into a Ford car?


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It is possible to put a Dodge engine into a Ford car, but changing engines into vehicles by other manufacturers can require more modifications and a greater expense. While making an engine swap is allowable for racecars, with late model vehicles, it is not always possible to register the automobile due to a visual inspection requirement for auto emissions in some states.

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Making the switch generally requires modifications to the vehicle and the engine. Putting a large engine into a small car sometimes requires the installer to enlarge the engine compartment or raise the vehicle to provide enough clearance between the wheels for the engine. He might need to change to another oil pan or fabricate one from scratch to ensure there is room above the axle. The motor and transmission often do not match, so he must change transmissions. Often he must change the motor mounts to support the new engine.

Engine swaps are generally easier with older cars than with new ones. Older vehicles offer more room under the hood to make the necessary modifications. If old enough, the vehicle is no longer subject to emission inspections.

An engine swap is one way to add more power to an underpowered vehicle; however, if the current engine is in good shape, there are other options to improve power. These options are often less involved than an engine swap, even if the owner decides to put a different Ford engine in a Ford vehicle.

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