Where Can You Purchase a Western Snow Plow?


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Customers can purchase Western snow plows from an authorized dealer in the United States or at StorksPlows.com and ThruWaySpring.com. They can find dealers through the company's online locator by inputting a ZIP code or city/state combination. Western sells 12 versions of snow plows that attach to the fronts of vehicles.

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Where Can You Purchase a Western Snow Plow?
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Users must click the Locate button after inputting information into the dealer locator. Entries for each dealer appear below the red search bar in order of nearest to farthest, and a virtual map appears at the center of the Web page with red map markers to indicate each dealer's location.

Each entry on the locator function contains the name, address and phone number of the business. Some dealers have websites, and a notation reveals if the business is a factory direct dealer. A new Web browser tab opens when users click the link to the dealer's website, and users can also click a map marker to see basic information about the business.

Western makes snow plows for personal use that attach to pickup trucks or SUVs, as well as heavy-duty plows that attach to commercial trucks. The company also makes plows that fit on skid-steer loaders and large V-plows with bright headlights for heavy-duty pickup trucks.

As of March 2015, snow plow model types available on both sites include the Western Unimount and Western Wideout. Used Western plows from Thru-Way Spring range in price from $1,050 to $4,700. The cheaper plows are off-truck units only and often come without a frame, wiring or control. The higher-priced models are complete units with handheld controls, and some feature rubber deflectors.

Storks Automotive sells used Western plows with a price range of $2,400 to $4,200. Most of the used plows available are compatible with 3/4-ton Chevy, Ford or Dodge trucks.

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