Where Can I Purchase a Used 1966 Mustang?


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Purchase a used 1966 Ford Mustang from a dealer through sites such as CarsForSale.com, ClassicCars.com and Car Gurus. Buyers can also find 1966 Ford Mustangs for sale by private owners on sites such as eBay.

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Buying a used classic car from a dealer rather than from a private seller offers the buyer a greater level of protection and safety. Dealers are officially licensed businesses, and such are subject to state and federal laws regarding consumer protection. This means that if a buyer purchases a used 1996 Ford Mustang from a dealer and it breaks down within a certain period of time following the sale, the buyer can bring it back to the dealer for an exchange, refund or repairs. Private sellers are not required to refund or exchange any product sold or to provide repairs.

Even with the customer protection provided by a dealer, buyers should always inspect and test drive a used car before making a purchase. The buyer should feel comfortable driving the car and become aware of any quirks the car has before making the purchase. Inspecting the car also ensures that the buyer doesn't have to go through the extra work of returning it if it has a problem.

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