How Can You Purchase a Truck From Government Auctions?


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Purchase a truck from a government auction by locating either a physical auction or an online auction, identifying a truck that meets your needs and budget and then bidding on it. Once you win the bid, fill out special paperwork to transfer the title of the truck to your name.

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Buying a truck or other vehicle from a government auction is a good way to locate quality vehicles at affordable prices, because government auctions focus on clearing out inventory more than turning a profit. Local, state and federal governments obtain trucks, cars and other property in numerous ways, often when the property is seized as part of a police action or abandoned and unclaimed during some form of government action. As such, the government body holds an auction to remove the property from its possession and sells it at a price point often below fair market value.

When you visit a government auction to purchase a truck, examine the vehicle as thoroughly as possible to assess its physical condition. Many government auctions feature a schedule of items to be sold, so request a copy of the schedule prior to attending the auction to conduct as much research as possible before bidding.

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