Where Can You Purchase Transmission Sensors?


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Transmission speed sensors can be purchasedfrommany online auto parts vendors, such as O'Reilly Auto Parts and Stoneridge. Whereas O'Reilly Auto Parts sells various transmission speed sensors from multiple different companies, Stoneridge sells their own brand of transmission sensors.

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Transmission speed sensors are vital to the functionality of the vehicle in that they send important information to the vehicle's engine control unit. The engine control unit thenuses this information to determine precise timings for processes, such as fuel injection, ignition and shift points. It is important to replace these fuel sensors quickly if they malfunction to ensure that the vehicle's engine works properly.

Transmission sensors can typically be purchased online using any auto part retailer. However, different vehicles use different sensors types, such as two-wire designs, three-wire designs, different voltage capacities and different current ratios. Stoneridge manufactures different transmission sensors with each of these designs to appeal to buyers with all different types of vehicles, but it may be difficult for individuals to know exactly which type of sensor their vehicle needs. If an individual does not understand what type of sensor to purchase, they should locate a professional specific to their type of car to help them buy the right model and install the sensor properly to prevent any further damage to the engine.

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