Where Can You Purchase Rubbermaid Replacement Parts?

can-purchase-rubbermaid-replacement-parts Credit: Rubbermaid Products/CC-BY 2.0

Rubbermaid sells replacement parts for its products through Rubbermaid.com or its e-commerce site, erubbermaid.com. Although retail stores do not carry replacement parts for Rubbermaid products, some online retailers such as SpecialMade.com and SupplyHero.com offer authentic Rubbermaid replacement parts. Additionally, auction sites like eBay will sometimes carry new or second-hand parts.

Since many products have similar but not identical parts, it’s important to know the model number, which is located on the packaging, printed inside the instruction booklet or molded into the product itself, typically on the bottom. If buying replacement parts through Rubbermaid.com, the items will not be eligible for refund or exchange.