Can You Purchase a Reliable Dirt Bike for Under $200?


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EBay lists few dirt bikes for less than $1,000 as of April 2015, and buying guides recommend a budget of more than $1,000, so it might be difficult to find a reliable dirt bike for $200. Those willing to rebuild a bike, however, can save money.

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Dirt bikes are designed for heavy use, and their engines are fairly simple to repair or replace since they lack many of the emission and noise-reduction components of typical vehicles. As a result, riders still use models from the 1980s and even before then. However, older models also have vintage value, which can inflate their cost significantly. As a result, buyers might have trouble finding dirt bikes at low values.

However, buyers can find dirt bikes for less than $200 being sold for parts, and many have solid frames but need significant work on the engine or other core components. Buyers willing to put in work and find discounted replacement parts might be able to rebuild a dirt bike for less than $500, although builders might want to ask for expert help when reassembling the bike. When repairing a bike, buyers might want to look for models that use two-stroke engines, which are easier to repair and are generally available at lower prices than their four-stroke counterparts.

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