Where Can You Purchase Nitro Fuel for an RC Car?


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Nitro fuel for remote control cars can be purchased online from specialty hobby retailers such as HobbyTron as well as from general mass retailers such as Amazon.com. Internet auction sites are also a common place to find remote control car nitro fuel for sale.

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The HobbyTron website offers a wide range of tools and accessories for various types of hobbies, with a high concentration of remote control vehicles. To locate its listings for nitro fuel, users much conduct a keyword search as the site does not have a category section for fuel, as of March 2015. Each listing on the site contains a picture of the product along with details about the price after any site-applied discounts. Listings also feature a counter that displays the remain time during which the product can be orders and shipped within the same day.

Listings for nitro fuel on the Amazon.com site contain both user reviews and a question and answer section. Each review covers the users experience with the product and recounts experiences such as the performance achieved in different models of car. The question and answer area allows users to inquire about details not included in the product's description, such as the fuel's lubricant percentage and any negative effects the fuel has on engine lifespan.

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