Where Can You Purchase a Multimeter?


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According to the Fluke webpage, which is one of the leading multimeter producers and sellers, their multimeters are able to be purchased at online stores such as Amazon and Allied Electronics, as well as at local electronics stores. The website has a "local stores" application that lets users find which stores in their area carry Fluke multimeters.

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A multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that is able to determine various electronic measurements such as voltage, resistance and current. Multimeters are used frequently in do-it-yourself projects to help determine if wiring is working correctly. Similarly, they are used to determine the strength of batteries and electrical outlets. There is a large range of multimeters that serve different purposes, some of which are very cheap and give rough estimates of measurements, while others are very expensive and can make extremely precise measurements. Different multimeter brands, such as Innova, Extech and Fluke are all able to be bought either directly from their company's online store or from one of their retailers.

The Fluke website's "Local Store" application indicates that their product is available at a large number of independent electronics shops such as Grainger and Hein Electric Supply company. Local DIY electronics shops are a good place to find a range of multimeter models.

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