Where Can You Purchase Ethanol-Free Gasoline?


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Two useful websites that list thousands of locations that offer ethanol-free gasoline are Pure-Gas.org and BuyRealGas.com, and Pure-Gas.org offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. In certain states, such as Alaska, all gasoline is ethanol-free, while others have made this type of gasoline illegal, as of 2015.

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Where Can You Purchase Ethanol-Free Gasoline?
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Ethanol-based fuel is made of corn ethanol, and among the most popular ethanol-based fuels around the country is E85, which contains 85 percent ethanol. E85 is popular due to its tendency to be cheaper and more efficient than other ethanol-based fuels, but some people prefer to boycott the use of ethanol-based fuels as a whole.

There are a number of reasons why some consumers are against gasoline that contains ethanol, but some arguments are not well supported, according to Russ Finley of Energy Trend Insider. The loudest argument may be against the use of corn in gasoline that contains ethanol. Corn and other food items in fuel has a negative impact on the prices of the food consumers purchase, such as corn meal, since using corn for both food and fuel increases demand and price. Because of this, ethanol-free gasoline is most popular in the Midwest where corn production is the highest in the country.

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