Where Can You Purchase a 1967 Chevelle SS?


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Purchase a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS from dealers or private sellers found through sites such as Craigslist, eBay, ClassicCars.com, Cars-On-Line.com or CarsForSale.com. Each site offers different options to contact sellers and arrange for payments and vehicle retrieval.

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An individual looking for a 1967 Chevelle SS on Craigslist needs to first select the appropriate version of the site for the city that she lives in. Dealing with local sellers allows the buyer to easily inspect the car and make arrangements to meet the seller in-person. While the amount and quality of information found on Craigslist posts varies between listings, most typically contain a picture of the vehicle and a description of its condition and features. Individuals interested in purchasing a Chevelle found on the site need to contact the seller through whatever contact information is provided and work out a payment method with the seller.

Alternately, eBay offers buyers several tools for contacting sellers and making payments. Users who wish to purchase an item from the site can pay the seller through funds in a PayPal account, with eBay providing third-party verification. If the seller includes shipping options in the listing, the buyer can also pay for the shipping through a PayPal account as well.

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