Where Can You Find a Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts Dealer?

Pull-A-Part do-it-yourself used auto part lots are located in several Southeastern states, including Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, as well as Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The company also operates locations in Indiana, Ohio and Arizona, with one location planned for western Pennsylvania as of 2015. Customers can check each location's inventory for needed parts online or at store locations rather than searching through lots manually.

To check for a part at a specific Pull-A-Part lot, click on the Location tab at the bottom of the home page of the company website. Click on a state, choose a specific location, and click on the Visit This Location button. Each location provides a Check Inventory search field where customers enter vehicle details and get search results indicating the location of matching vehicles in the lot. Customers can also check multiple locations simultaneously if desired. Service representatives help customers search the computerized inventory system at store locations, and the system is updated daily.

Pull-A-Part requires customers to use their own tools to remove desired parts. Specific parts are all the same price at Pull-A-Part lots regardless of the year, make and model of the vehicle. For example, a steering wheel for a 1972 Ford truck costs the same as one for a 1990 Toyota truck. Pull-A-Part also buys cars for salvage, and the company offers a free purchase quote and towing.