How Can You Pull a 4x6 Trailer?

How Can You Pull a 4x6 Trailer?

To pull a 4'x6' trailer, a Class 1 hitch will need to be installed on the vehicle. Class 1 hitches are used on smaller trailers which weigh less than 2,000 pounds GTW and can be attached to a range of different vehicles such as trucks, compact cars and vans.

The following instructions explain how to install a Class 1 hitch.

  1. Purchase a towing hitch
  2. The towing assembly can be purchased at places where tools and heavy equipment are sold, such as U-Haul.

  3. Install the hitch assembly
  4. Mount the hitch onto the vehicle. Each hitch will require bolts which must be tightened onto the chassis. These normally come with the hitch but may need to be bought separately.

  5. Inspect the trailer
  6. Once the hitch is mounted, inspect the trailer.

  7. Register the trailer
  8. Registration laws differ according to each state, but most places require the trailer to have a license plate to be used in the street.

  9. Attach the trailer
  10. After the trailer is registered, it can be attached to its respective towing vehicle.

Class 1 hitches are only designated for up to 2,000 pounds GWT. Once that weight exceeds its specific limit, a new hitch must be installed to ensure safe operation.