Where Can You Go to Get a Printable Copy of Your Car's Bill of Sale?


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DMV.org provides a free and printable generic bill of sale form that can be given to the state or used for personal records. AutoCrisis.com also offers a printable vehicle bill of sale sample, and Rocket Lawyer allows users to create a free, customized bill of sale.

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Where Can You Go to Get a Printable Copy of Your Car's Bill of Sale?
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A bill of sale is an essential document for both sellers and buyers of cars, as it is a written agreement showing that a vehicle owner transfers his rights to another person. It serves as a proof of ownership that the new owner of a used car can present to acquire auto insurance.

A bill of sale helps a seller report the purchase price for tax or business accounting purposes. Another importance of a bill of sale is to prove that the vehicle is sold based on the agreed amount and conditions, and the seller is not liable for repairs or other problems the buyer encounters after purchasing the car.

A bill of sale typically includes a description of the car, the final purchase price, the vehicle identification number, the agreed warranty period, and the state and county where the transaction took place. A person should find out if the state where the transaction is done requires a particular bill of sale form. In such case, he should acquire a copy of the form from the state’s motor vehicle agency.

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