Where Can I Find a Price List for Les Schwab Tire Centers?

can-price-list-les-schwab-tire-centers Credit: vagawi ?/CC-BY-2.0

Les Schwab tires is a company that only operates in nine western states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Their prices change according to state and region, and can be found by contacting your nearest Les Schwab.

Les Schwab works with 450 locations, and are newly opening in Colorado and California. Their prices range state to state because of different regional economics (for example, Oregon has no sales tax, which changes the expected price of tires). While a price list is not available online, you can compare different prices by contacting different store locations, all easily found on their website. All season tires seem to start at $39.99, regardless of location, however this does not indicate the possibility of re-used or recycled tires. For the most accurate results, contact the store nearest you, as well as other surrounding locations. Because Les Schwab is a chain, and not a franchise, it is possible that some locations will honor a lower price given at another location, although for new tires only.