How Can You Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen Easily?


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To prevent a vehicle from getting stolen easily, make it less attractive to car thieves. This can be done in three simple ways: First, lock all the doors whenever the car is parked. Second, always park the car in a well-lit, well-guarded area. Third, install a "club" lock onto the steering wheel whenever the vehicle is left unattended.

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There are other ways to increase a vehicle's security, although they will require significant monetary investment. One is to install a physical anti-theft device, such as a passive alarm that activates when the key is withdrawn from the ignition. Another is an ignition cut-off system that blocks the car from being started. Most modern cars will have these features as standard, but if a car doesn't have one, investing in a vehicle anti-theft device is a good decision to make.

Another is to employ a vehicle recovery tool that will allow the vehicle to be pinpointed in case of theft. Services like OnStar and LoJack let law enforcement agencies know that the vehicle has been stolen and give them vital information to help them retrieve the vehicle.

Enhance a vehicle's security in a garage by equipping the garage or personal parking space with a professional security system that includes motion detectors, security cameras, and even mobile security alerts.

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