Where Can You View Pre Model T Fords?


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The Henry Ford Museum at 20900 Oakwood Boulevard in Dearborn, Michigan, has an extensive collection of historic cars, including the Quadricycle, which was Henry Ford's first car. The California Automobile Museum at 2200 Front Street in Sacramento, California is also home to many early Fords that predate the Model T, such as the 1904 Ford Model C Runabout, the Ford Model B Touring Car, the Ford Model K Touring Car, and the Ford Model K Roadster.

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The Quadricycle was produced in 1896 at Henry Ford's workshop. The vehicle is gasoline-powered and built on a steel frame with no body and its production actually predates the founding of Ford Motor Company.

The California Automobile Museum has a much more extensive collection of pre-Model T cars than the Henry Ford Museum. The Model C was actually a modified version of the earlier Model A and served as an entry-level car for the Ford lineup. The Model B was a higher end offering and was the first Ford vehicle to use a front-engine layout. The Model K, another upscale offering, was the only Ford car to utilize an inline-six engine until 1941. It was successful enough to be sold alongside the very popular Model T.

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