Where Can You Get a Practice DMV Permit Test Online?

Where Can You Get a Practice DMV Permit Test Online?

Driversprep.com, DriversLicenseTest.net, Driver's Ed Guru and Driving-Tests.org are a few websites that provide free practice DMV permit tests online. In addition, many state division of motor vehicle websites offer sample tests online.

Driversprep.com offers state-specific practice DMV tests. A user selects his state from the list to see 25 multiple-choice questions related to driving. The user receives immediate feedback for each question advising him if he has selected the right answer.

DriversLicenseTest.net provides four DMV driver's license practice tests, a 135-question challenge test, three road sign practice tests and a motorcycle permit test. After practicing these tests, a user has access to two final DMV exams, a final road sign exam and a final motorcycle exam.

Driver's Ed Guru offers eight 25-question, multiple-choice DMV practice tests. It also provides tips for preparing for and taking the DMV permit test and offers instruction on driving procedures and maneuvers.

Driving-Tests.org lists tests by state. When the user selects his state, he has access to five general practice tests; a test covering such issues as fines, DUI and insurance; three road sign tests; and a marathon practice test that includes all available practice questions. The site also offers an FAQ section regarding the process of applying for a driver's license in the state.