Where Can You Find Plans for Boats?


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Find boat plans on many websites, such as Bateau.com, AbsolutelyFreePlans.com and Glen-L.com. Absolutely Free Plans has plans that users can download for free. The categories include miscellaneous, canoes, cuisers, and dinghies and dories. There are also plans for hydroplanes, motorboats, house boats, kayaks and scows. The website also features articles on how to build boats and accessories that go with them.

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Bateau has hundreds of boat plans that customers can buy. The site organizes the boat plans into several categories, including small boat plans, sail boat plans, power boat plans, multi-hulls and specialty plans. Each category includes more specific sub-categories. The website also offers free study plans for beginners. Customers can view a picture of the boat before buying a plan for it. They can also choose to buy a plan that uses a metric or an American measurement system. The website also offers kits that customers can use to build a specific boat. In addition to these products, the website offers books on building boats and technical support for its customers.

Glen-L offers a catalog with over 300 different boat plans. The plans are organized both by category and alphabetically. Users can view boat plans online or order a hard copy of the catalogue. The website offers building kits for different boat models.

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