How Can a Person Find Motorcycle Values From Edmunds?


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Edmunds does not provide information about motorcycle values, although the site does have some general information about motorcycles. Motorcycle values are, however, available from both Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides.

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The method for finding motorcycle values on both the NADA Guides website and the Kelley Blue Book (or KBB for short) website are similar. Both sites start by asking for a location, because prices can vary in different states. The price identification process then takes the user through a series of qualification steps to determine the exact make and model of the motorbike in question. The mileage and condition also significantly affect the price, so that information is also requested.

A motorcycle's features also affect its price; details such as being chain-driven or shaft-driven, different types of suspension and exhaust, and rarity of the motorcycle all affect its book value. Also, the sites note that if limited data is available about values on a certain type of motorcycle, then the data published can be inaccurate.

If information about a specific motorcycle is unavailable, or marked as potentially inaccurate, then searching sites such as auction sites and dealer sites for a similar motorcycle can help identify the most accurate price for the bike in a specific community.

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