How Can a Person Get a Honda Motorcycle Franchise?

A person cannot get a Honda motorcycle franchise, because Honda does not offer franchising. Rather than becoming Honda franchise owners, successful dealer applicants can become independent owner-operators, or Honda dealers.

The first thing American Honda looks at are the personal qualities of the individual applying to become a Honda dealer. Applicants must have a list of qualities that begin with a vision for the new Honda dealership and willingness to be involved in daily business operations. Applicants must also have experience in business, including leadership, management and business planning.

Step 1: Do market research

The dealer applicant must research the market and find the right location for the business. American Honda will review the data and inspect the site before approving or denying the location. The applicant is expected to provide personal knowledge of the local market and support that knowledge with data to increase the chance of a site's approval.

Step 2: Acquire business funding

As an independent owner and operator of the business, the dealer applicant must arrange funding for the dealership's location and inventory, as well as all costs of running the business on a day-to-day basis.

Step 3: Make inventory decisions

Decisions about product lines to carry can be negotiated with American Honda. Available options include motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and motor scooters. Side-by-side lines are not available to every new dealer, so this is something the Honda dealer applicant should discuss with the company if a side-by-side product line is of interest.