How Can You Pay Your Volkswagen Credit Bill?

Volkswagen's Credit department offers its customers who are financing five different options for paying a credit bill: online bill payment, automatic payments, payment by mail, payment by phone and wire transfers. For the online payment options, an account with Volkswagen Credit's online billing service is required; users enter the financing account number and other personal details during registration and can access all of the records needed to pay a monthly bill, according to Volkswagen Credit's website.

Payment by phone is done through a 24-hour 800 number, and clients can pay with a checking account and a routing number. Clients can also pay late charges and sales tax using the address provided on the monthly statement. For wire transfers, individuals can use Western Union, Money Gram, Quick Collect or Express Payment to send a payment in person, over the phone or online.

Another option for paying a Volkswagen Credit bill is through an online third-party bill-paying site like The site lets users create an account and securely pay a bill using an simple system. The service is faster than mailing a check and those not listed on an account can pay the bill.