Where Can You Find Parts for Freightliner Trucks?


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Freightling parts are available at freightlinertrucks.com as well as third-party websites such as FleetTruckParts.com. Buyers looking for discounted parts might also want to look at eBay, which categorizes Freightliner parts on its website.

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EBay sells parts both at auction and for flat prices, so buyers looking for a discount might want to place a bid on auctioned items. Parts people buy online generally need to be shipped, which can increase the total cost of acquiring them. Because of this, buyers might want to look at local truck centers to see if the part is in stock.

Another option to consider is looking in scrap yards or traditional junk yards, which might have trucks in the lot. However, it's worth calling scrap yards before making a trip, as people often strip trucks of parts they can sell before sending them to the scrap yard.

Freightliner trucks, like many other commercial trucks, are designed to operate for upwards of one million miles or more. As a result, parts are prone to failure despite their sturdy construction. In addition, commercial trucks are designed to run as frequently as possible, further increasing their wear. Commercial truck parts are fairly easy to find, especially those that frequently need service, and they're often produced long after the truck is no longer being manufactured.

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