Where Can You Find an Owner's Manual If You Purchase a Trailer Used?


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Many owner's manuals for different makes and models of trailers and RVs can be obtained directly from the manufacturer. Camping enthusiast sites such as RVing - The Midwest Connection and RVBasics feature pages dedicated to collecting contact information and step-by-step guides on how to request manuals from different manufacturers.

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Where Can You Find an Owner's Manual If You Purchase a Trailer Used?
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The first thing an individual should do when looking to obtain an owner's manual after purchasing a used trailer is check all storage spaces within the trailer itself. In many cases, sellers leave the manuals inside in areas such as cabinets or under sitting areas. If the manual is not found, the next step is to identify the exact make, model and year of the trailer. This information is vital for determining the appropriate owner's manual needed, as manuals for different models or even different years of the same model contain different information.

After identifying the trailer, a person should contact the manufacturer by mail, phone or email to request the manual. The requirements for each manufacturer vary, with some needing only an address to send the manual and others charging a replacement fee and asking the buyer to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some manufactures offer free downloads of some owner's manuals on their websites as well.

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