How Can You Find the Owner's Manual for a Ford Fusion?


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You can find manuals for all model years of the Ford Fusion on Ford.com, as of 2015. Select your make and model year, and Ford provides you links to the manuals for your vehicle.

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Ford.com offers a chance to register your account, but registration is not required to download and print your manuals. You must choose your car's year before you can choose its make and model. The site lists the models in alphabetical order. Make sure to choose the "Fusion Hybrid" option if your Fusion is a hybrid.

If you're not sure of your car's model year, there are several ways to find the information. In most states, your automobile registration records the make, year and model. Insurance cards often include this information as well. If you can't find your registration or insurance card, look at the label on the inside of your driver's side door. The label includes information such as the manufacture date of the car and the optimal tire pressures for the vehicle.

After you download your Fusion manual, print or save a copy so that you'll be able to find it quickly in the future. If you do not have reliable Internet access, contact your local Ford dealer for assistance.

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