How Can You Find Out About Maxima Transmission Recalls?


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It is possible to check the recall status of a Nissan Maxima by entering its vehicle identification number into Nissan's recall database located at NissanUSA.com. Nissan maintains a list of active and completed recalls for all of its vehicles since 1994.

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There are no active recalls for transmission issues with the Nissan Maxima, as of March 2015. However, there is an outstanding recall for defective Takata airbags used in Maxima sedans constructed between 2001 and 2003. These airbags may deploy explosively, causing injury or even death due to the force of the explosion and the shrapnel-like fragments of metal that it generates. At least 100 injuries and four deaths have been blamed on these defective airbags. The issue is caused by propellants that may deteriorate in humid climates, causing a more powerful detonation than intended when the airbag deploys.

Takata is a major parts manufacturer for several car companies in addition to Nissan, so vehicles constructed between 2001 and 2003 from any car company that used its air bags are subject to the recall. Manufacturers that used Takata airbags in one or more of the their models during the period that the defective units were in production include Acura, Honda, General Motors, Ford and Toyota.

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