What Can You Do With an Original Auto Window Sticker?


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An auto window sticker allows a consumer to get details on a vehicle’s original price and the identity of its dealer. It also contains original equipment that a vehicle was made with and the cost of this equipment on purchase of the vehicle. Car owners normally use their auto window sticker as a reference point when comparing part prices and standards.

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The manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) on a vehicle’s auto window sticker gives a perfect estimation reference of the price range of the vehicle during purchase. It also assists the vehicle’s current owner to re-evaluate its price for a resale.

The fuel economy metrics that an auto window sticker provides make it possible to gauge a car’s fuel consumption rate over a given period of time. The sticker provides an MPG rating approximating how many miles the vehicle can cover using one gallon of fuel. Modern stickers not only provide the fuel economy rating but also information on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants that may be discharged by the vehicle.

Inclusion of an auto window sticker (also known as a Monroney sticker) is a legal requirement for all automobiles and is placed on the windshield or side window of the vehicle while it is on display. The buyer of the vehicle is the only one who holds the mandate to remove once it is sold.

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