How Can You Order a Crankshaft for a 1978 Chevy Malibu?


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Order a crankshaft for a 1978 Chevy Malibu at UNeedaPart.com or Car-Part.com. These sites search a large number of sources throughout the United States and Canada, such as salvage yards and parts warehouses, and then provide details needed to place an order with the vendor.

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At UNeedaPart.com, click More Years beneath the range of years displayed near the top of the main page, and then click 1978. Click Chevrolet, and then click Malibu. Select Crankshaft from the Select Part drop-down menu, and then select an engine type, such as 3.8 liter or 5.0 liter. Enter your ZIP code, and then click Find Part Now to display parts available nearest to the ZIP code entered. Call the phone number provided to order the part, or click the green email icon on the right side of a listing to email the vendor about the part.

Near the top of the main page at Car-Part.com, select 1978 from the Select Year drop-down menu, Chevy Malibu from the Make/Model drop-down menu and Crankshaft from the Select Part drop-down menu. The other search boxes are optional. Click Search, and then choose an engine type to display a list of parts available. Call the number provided in a listing to order the part, or click Request a Quote to get a quote using an online submission form.

AutoPartsWarehouse.com sells mostly new parts, including a number of parts some people might need to change out a 1978 Malibu crankshaft, such as bolts and seals.

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