Where Can You Find an Online Tire Size Compatibility Chart?


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Find tire size compatibility charts online through sites such as Tire-Size-Conversion.com, TacomaWorld.com and DiscountTire.com. WillTheyFit.com offers an interactive tire sizing chart tool, while the tire size chart on Ejelta.com is also available as a free app for Android devices, as of 2015.

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Where Can You Find an Online Tire Size Compatibility Chart?
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Tire-Size-Conversion.com contains two tire size compatibility charts: one for tire size by wheel size and one for tire size by diameter. The tire size by wheel size chart has multiple tabs based on the wheel size, ranging from 13-inch wheels to 30-inch wheels. Each tab on this chart contains a heading for different tire diameters with the available metric tire sizes and the corresponding customary conversions. The chart for tire size by diameter is laid out in the same fashion with tabs for the different diameters and the correlating available sizes and conversions. Clicking on a tire's metric measurements takes the user to a list of available tires in that size.

The interactive tool on WillTheyFit.com is designed to let users check if one set of tires fits a specific rim by calculating the appropriate tire sizes. The enables users to enter different measurements for various aspects of a tire and wheel, such as width, offset, profile and diameter for the tires, and find the different corresponding values.

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