How Can One Find Out Who Owned a Car Before?

Ordering a vehicle history report from a variety of organizations that offer such services or from a state's department of motor vehicles allows a car owner to find out who owned the car previously. A vehicle history report is an essential document for anyone purchasing or who has recently purchased a used car.

A vehicle history report not only lets the purchaser of a used car know who owned the car previously, but it also provides important information about the car's history, including information that might be unknown even to the previous owners. Dealerships that sell used cars commonly buy these reports so that they can offer potential buyers documented facts about a car's history.

The report reveal the recorded previous owners of the car. It shows if the vehicle has been reported as "salvaged" by a state after a serious collision and documents any auction appearances. Accident and air-bag deployment history are also reported based on state records. State emissions tests and results are listed, as well as any information about previous warranties and service contracts. This information can be just as vital as information regarding the identities of previous owners. Someone who has already purchased a used car may find the vehicle history report helpful for correcting any small problems that may get worse if not repaired.