How Can One Make a Water Wheel?


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A water wheel can be made by cutting and assembling the segments, the bottoms and the sides. These can be put together in a spindle position and paddles can be added to make the water wheel work.

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The segments of the water wheel should always be cut first. They should be placed in a pattern that makes sense and one that will be used throughout the project. The bottoms of the segments can be cut to fit the segments and should be assembled to the segments before any of the other pieces are put together. The spokes of the water wheel are what give it the wheel shape. There should be an equal amount of spokes to segments and they should start in the center of the wheel and reach out to the segments.

The length of the spokes is dependent on how large the entire wheel will be and will correspond with the amount of segments that are going to be on the entire wheel. These should be assembled using screws and bolts at the center. Once the spokes and segments are attached, a paddle can be added to ensure that the water works properly. Braces should be added to the center of the spokes and will help support the structure.

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