How Can One Change the Batteries of a Fleetwood RV?


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To replace the batteries of a Fleetwood RV properly, unscrew the negative clamps first to avoid short circuits. Make sure to disconnect the negative clamps on both batteries before proceeding with the positive terminals. On RVs, the negative clamps are white, and the positive ones are black.

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With the batteries unscrewed, check the condition of the charger wires that connect the battery terminals to each other. If they are in need of replacement, make sure the new charger wire is the same size or larger.

Remove the old batteries and put the new batteries in, ensuring that the terminals are parallel to each other -- the blacks on one side, and the whites on the other. Attach a charger wire to the positive posts, and re-tighten the clamps. Do the negative posts next.

An important tip before changing the batteries on a Fleetwood RV is to first identify the right type of replacement battery. If the RV uses a 12-volt electrical system, water pump, heater and refrigerator, buying two group 27 or 29 deep cycle batteries may suffice. If the RV houses a complex electrical system that includes a microwave and home theater, a battery bank of 540 Amp hours might be needed.

Get replacement batteries with the highest possible amp hour ratings. Do not buy regular car batteries because they cannot handle the electrical demands of an RV, and never replace just one battery. For best results, replace both batteries at the same time.

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