Where Can You Find Old Railroad Cars for Sale?


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Find old railroad cars for sale on specialized train car listing sites such as SterlingRail.com, Cabooses4Sale.com, Craigslist.org or eBay.com. A buyer can also find old railroad cars for sale by contacting the buying agent of her local railroad agency.

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Where Can You Find Old Railroad Cars for Sale?
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A buyer should investigate her local rail agency as a first approach when attempting to purchase an old railroad car. Many train companies or rail yards have older models of train cars that are no longer fit for regular use. The yard manager or the person in charge of buying new train cars often can work with a buyer to sell these cars at a reasonable price because the buyer is coming to the seller rather than requiring the seller to do any work in locating a buyer. This avenue can involve a considerable amount of leg work, however, and in many cases may not include any seller-provided means for transporting the train car.

Another option for buyers is to look on an auction site such as eBay.com for old train cars. Listings on the site typically consist of a picture of the car and a description of the car's condition. Some listings on the site can include pricing and details about shipping.

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