How Can You Find the Best Oil Prices?

How Can You Find the Best Oil Prices?

To find the best heating oil prices, comparison shop, buy during off season, join a co-op and take advantage of available discounts. The international price of crude oil largely affects the price of heating oil.

Comparison shopping on heating oil is a good way to stay on top of heating oil prices. Looking into different providers may result in a cheaper price. Some providers are willing to match their competitor's prices, making it a good idea to discuss this possibility with the current provider before switching to a different one.

Oil prices generally go up with increased demand. Summer is the best time to make the purchase for significant savings.

Co-ops charge a membership fee which varies depending on the co-op. Members are eligible for discounted oil rates of up to 20 percent, making this a good return on investment. It is a good idea to first calculate potential savings against membership fees to guarantee value for money.

Oil discounts include those for senior citizens and large fills and tanks. Contact customer service to get a full list of available discounts.

Lastly, choose the best pricing option. These include fixed price, market price and capped price. A fixed price means paying a fixed amount for oil regardless of current market prices. This is a good option for people who think oil prices may go up. Market price means paying the going rate on the day of delivery. This is a good option for people who want to purchase when oil prices are down. Rates for capped prices cannot go beyond a certain level, protecting the buyer from large increases.