Where Can You Find the Oil Filter Location for Ford Models?


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Many Ford models feature a remote oil filter next to the driver's side wheel near the bumper. Occasionally, the oil filter is obscured by a black flap, but it is easy to move it out of the way for maintenance and changing the oil.

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The Ford Escape models from 2005 to 2012, among others, feature a remote oil filter design for ease of access near the front bumper and on the driver's side. However, some of the larger 6.4 liter engines on the F-350 models keep the oil filter location next to the secondary fuel filter, which is located across from the engine oxidization catalyst on the top. A few models also have the oil filter next to the power steering pump or the oil pressure switch of the engine.

Other Ford models place the oil filter directly below the engine on the vehicle's chassis to make it easier to drain. Ford owners occasionally install oil filter adapters, or mounts, to ensure that maintenance is more convenient. These relocation kits enable the user to move the oil filter to various positions on the vehicle with a hose extension, typically by passing it through an inner fender. This procedure creates more engine compartment space in addition to making it easier to access the oil filter for maintenance.

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