How Can the Oil Change Light Be Reset?


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Resetting the oil change light requires following the specific procedure for the make and model of the car, but most involve pressing the reset button and turning the key in the right combination. Some vehicles connect the oil change light to the onboard computer, and resetting requires a special tool.

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Never reset the oil change light without actually changing the oil. Changing the oil when the warning light illuminates is important to safeguard the vehicle’s engine. Check the owner’s manual for specific directions on resetting the light in a particular vehicle.

Some cars use a reset button, while others use a stick or lever. In most cars, the reset button is on the dash near the speedometer or fuel gauge. If it is not on the dash, it could be under the hood. The owner’s manual can help with the location process.

Turn the ignition switch to the on position without starting the car. Hold the button down and look for signs you have begun the reset process. The oil light, the word "reset" or the number 100 might flash on the dash. Turn the ignition to the off position, wait several minutes and start the car. Check for the light. If it is off, you have successfully reset it. Repeat the process or call a dealer for assistance if the light remains illuminated.

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