Where Can You Find a Mustang Super Snake for Sale?


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The Mustang Super Snake is sold new directly through the car modification company Shelby American, according to automotive website Autoweek. Prospective buyers are advised to contact Shelby via their website or customer service telephone number. Used examples of the Mustang Super Snake are also available through collector sales and auctions.

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The Mustang Super Snake is a limited production run modification of the Ford Mustang GT500 that began in 2007. Only 500 examples of the 2014 model were intended for production according to AutoWeek. Shelby American continues to list the 2013-2014 Super Snake for sale in its car configuration tool.

Examples of the Mustang Super Snake have been sold on the used market. Many sales have taken place through automobile auctions, largely due to the rarity of this vehicle. For example, the Barrett-Jackson car auction company has sold Mustang Super Snakes at an auction previously. One of the prototypes for the 2013 Mustang Super Snake was sold at auction for $209,000, as reported by Mustang enthusiast site MustangDaily.

Private sales of the Mustang Super Snake are also an option for those interested in acquiring one of these cars. Auction sites, such as eBay, sometimes have listings for Super Snakes. In addition, private sellers often list rare vehicles for sale, such as the Super Snake, on the DuPont Registry website.

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