Where Can Mini RVs Be Listed for Sale?


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Specialized camping and RV classifieds sites, such as CampingWorld and RVTrader, allow users to list mini RVs for sale. Auction sites such as eBay and classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org also offer users the ability to create listings for mini RVs.

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Where Can Mini RVs Be Listed for Sale?
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RVTrader charges users different rates to place ads on its site based on included features, as of March 2015. Its basic listing costs $19.95 and allows the user to post one ad with up to four phones for a two week period, with the ability to pay to increase the number of photos in the ad, the duration of the ad or to add additional features, such as a video or premium search result placement. RV Trader also allows users to purchase all available premium features in a bundled package.

The eBay marketplace charges a transaction fee on all purchases made through the site. For example, if a user sells an item for $100, eBay may include a 1 percent transaction fee on the sale, removing $1 from the sale and transferring $99 to the seller. Craigslist does not take any part in payments or transactions, and the website does not charge users to post ads on its site.

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