Where Can You Find a Mini Chopper Bike for Sale?


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Find mini chopper bikes for sale on specialized motorcycle and scooter retail sites, such as ExtremeMotorSales.com and EvoSales.com. Auction sites, such as eBay.com, and classifieds sites, such as Craigslist.org, also commonly contain listings for both used and new mini choppers.

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Listings for mini choppers on EvoSales.com are presented on a single page rather than as a searchable grouping of individual posts, as of March 2015. As such, you can view the listings by visiting the Mini Choppers section of the site, and then selecting an individual model to view model-specific details. Listings on the main Mini Choppers page contain an image of the chopper, its name, how many CCs it has and its price with any site-applied discounts or sales.

You can conduct a more thorough search on eBay.com thanks to its post filtering tools. Sort listings based on price range, manufacturer, condition, location of the seller and several bike-specific features. All listings on the site contain pictures of the bike along with a description of its condition and any available features. Each seller decides whether to list items in either an auction format, which consists of users bidding on the item, or a traditional one-time purchase format. You can also easily pay for the chopper using a PayPal account.

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