Where Can You Find a Mercedes-Benz Color Chart?

Find Mercedes-Benz color charts online through sites such as MBUSA.com, AutomotiveTouchUp.com, MBZPonton.org and Cars.com, as of 2015. Some sites offer individual charts for interior and exterior color options, while others focus on the specific color options for a certain model and year of Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The official website for Mercedes-Benz, MBUSA.com, offers numerous charts and collections of the colors it offers on its vehicles, many of which appear on the pages for specific vehicle models. The site also contains a page with color charts for its Designo line of trim options. It displays the leather and paint colors available for each of its current models and includes a tool that allows users to view each color option within a sample of the vehicles. AutomotiveTouchUp.com contains color charts for external paint options for each model of Mercedes-Benz according to its year of manufacture. In addition to an image sampling of the color, the site also includes the official color code for each entry.

MBZPonton.org features digital scans of official Mercedes-Benz reference pamphlets, each of which includes color codes and samples images. The descriptions for each image contain details about the models to which the color charts apply. Cars.com features pages for specific models and years of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which include color charts of the available standard options for that model.